Monday, 24 June 2013

The dreaded coxsackie virus

Poor Josiah is down with hand-foot-mouth disease caused by the dreaded coxsackie virus. He got it from a child at the nursery that Josiah goes to. I don't know why the school was not closed as this is a highly contagious disease though common among children. Instead the school asked us to keep him at home for a few days. Even then Josiah was not spared. He has fever and blisters in his mouth and throat and spots on his hands and feet. There is no medication for it except paracetamol for the fever and the paed said that he just has to wait it out and let the body fight it so that he can build immunity against this disease. However this does not mean that he won't get it again. He has lost his appetite but it is vital to keep him hydrated.
The past few days has been tough and this week he will be staying home because aunty has gone overseas. Talk about bad timing.
When your child is sick the parents suffer too and with two young kids all hell breaks loose.
Sophie needs to be carried. She cries when she is put down. I just hope she doesn't get the virus from her brother.

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